About Brickyard Dental Group

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Brickyard Dental Group is a group practice that maintains its focus on comprehensive general dentistry and restorative dental care. The practice functions best as a group dental practice with multiple general dentists. The combined knowledge and experience of several dentists allows for collaboration in patient care and provides a system of professional accountability to each other.

Our practice has developed and maintained an excellent reputation in the community –among patients, specialists, and other general dentists. We maintain this reputation by continually providing the highest quality care and service to our patients. As such, we receive new patient referrals based on this reputation, which is critical to the future success and growth of Brickyard Dental Group. Though we strive to maintain healthy practice growth, we will always maintain a focus on humility, service to others, and our commitment to doing what is best for our patients.

Our team is dedicated to always doing what is best for the patient. Trust, service, and honesty are the foundations of our treatment philosophy. We will always strive to complete a thorough dental examination, informing patients of all of our findings, and presenting all treatment options to the patients – regardless of cost or financial assumptions. Only with all pertinent information and all treatment options can patients make informed decisions about their dental care. Our doctors and hygienists will always support our patients in choosing what level of care is right for them – whatever that may be. We will always inform patients of our treatment limitations and will always refer to a specialist when we feel that it is in the best interest of the patient.

We strive to maintain a healthy and positive work environment for our employees and will only succeed with a teamwork approach to accomplishing our mission. We expect honesty and respect from all team members and promise to show the same honesty and respect to them. A positive work environment benefits our productivity, our joy in work, and the lives of our patients and our employees.