Let’s talk about Dental “Insurance”

It is more accurate to call it a Dental Supplement rather than Dental “Insurance”. Dental “Insurance” is very different than medical insurance.
Dental “insurance” started in the 1970s and has not changed significantly. Most plans have an annual maximum of between $1000 and $1500 per year. Most plans have a 100/80/50 tier – 100% (of their allowable) for preventive care, 80% (of their allowable) for fillings and 50% (of their allowable) for crowns.
You may see your dental insurance company use terms such as “allowable amount” or “Usual, Customary, and Reasonable” (UCR) fees. There may be times that our fee is more than your insurance company’s “allowable” or UCR amount. Please remember, it is your insurance company that determines their own “usual, customary, and reasonable” fees and those fees have nothing to do with the average charge for services in your area.

Our relationship is with you, not your insurance company. Insurance companies are not medical experts. What insurance “allows” and what is in your best dental interest are not always the same thing. Our goal is to provide you with the best care we can to help you maintain your optimum dental health. That may or may not be the goal of your dental “insurance” company.

We are not an in network provider with any insurance company. We are proud that every patient who chooses our practice, does so because of the care we provide and not because we are a name on an insurance list. Dental offices that are highest quality and less sales-oriented often do not contract with insurance companies.
At Brickyard Dental Group, our doctors have chosen not to become “Preferred Providers” for any insurance company. They have done so in order to continue to provide affordable, high quality dental care to our patients– without insurance companies’ interference in treatment recommendations or limitations on which specialists we may refer to.

We will provide you with a treatment plan with an estimate of your portion after insurance reimbursement. Please keep in mind that until your insurance company processes your claim it is only an estimate. We make no guarantee of insurance reimbursement. If insurance reimbursement is less than estimated the patient is responsible for the balance.

As a courtesy we are happy to file all charges with your insurance company. If your insurance company has not completed the processing of your claim within 60 days from the date of service the balance will become due and payable by the patient unless other financial arrangements have been made.