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Teething Jewelry: A Good Idea or an Unnecessary Risk?

I remember when my first born son was 6 months old – my wife and I were new parent and, like most new parents, were trying to figure out how to handle the new responsibilities of keeping a new human alive. At the time I was a young Army officer stationed at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. Living in a tropical paradise was great…but being 8,000 miles away from any family members made new parenthood just a little extra challenging.

Like most children, my son began to get his first teeth around the age of 6 months. With those new teeth came a host of new challenges arriving from teething – sore gums, lots of drooling, fusiness, and difficulty sleeping. Not just for baby, but for mom and dad too.

My wife and I were willing to try anything that we thought would help. A family member suggested an amber teething necklace which we quickly bought and tried. Whether it actually made a difference will never be known.

But what I didn’t realize was that I was actually putting my child in danger. Had I known then what I know now, I would not have put a teething necklace around my child’s neck.

The American Dental Association recently released the following statement:

“The FDA has received reports of death and serious injuries to infants and children, including strangulation and choking, caused by necklaces and bracelets often marketed for relieving teething pain. According to the FDA, it received a report of a 7-month-old child who choked on the beads of a wooden teething bracelet while under parental supervision and an 18-month old child who died after getting strangled by his amber teething necklace during a nap.”

So here are the facts: There is no evidence that teething jewelry helps children

In my professional and personal opinion that is far too much of a risk to take.

I know that teething is a difficult time for baby and parents. But there are better solutions – solutions that have been shown to be effective and are safe.