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Transforming Smiles With High-Quality Cosmetic Dentistry Services

The Cosmetic Dentists Columbia Residents Trust

When you aren’t happy with your smile, it can stop you from feeling as confident as you should. At Brickyard Dental Group, we want to help change that. We provide a variety of cosmetic dentistry services at our dental practice in Columbia, South Carolina, ensuring there’s a solution that works for every patient. We are experienced in using cutting-edge technology and techniques to achieve dramatic results in the appearance of each patient’s teeth and overall smile. Whether you dream of whiter teeth or a smile that’s fully refreshed, we’re the team to trust to make that dream a reality.

Our Cosmetic Dentistry Services

State-of-the-Art Smile Makeovers

You can turn to the cosmetic dentists at Brickyard Dental Group for:

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is an easy process you can do in your dentist’s office or even at home with a little guidance. Teeth whitening products contain specific bleaches that break stains into smaller pieces. In turn, this makes your teeth much whiter. So you’re not simply changing the color of the stains but actually removing them.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is the easiest and least expensive option compared to crowns and veneers. Veneers and crowns are usually made in a lab, whereas bonding is done completely in the dental office, and most procedures can be done in one visit unless there are multiple teeth to repair. Also, not as much tooth material is removed for bonding compared to veneers and crowns, and bonding usually does not require anesthesia unless it is being used to fill a cavity.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are thin, custom-made laminates designed to be applied to the front surfaces of your teeth to improve their appearance. Veneers can change the color, shape, size, and length of your teeth once they are bonded to the original tooth. Veneers are made from resin composites or (more commonly) from porcelain. Your dentist will help you decide the best material to use in your situation.

Smile Makeovers

Individuals may want to change the shade, size, shape, or alignment of teeth while also repairing dental damage, replacing old dental work, or restoring oral health. They can achieve all of their goals with a planned smile makeover. Common goals of a smile makeover include whiter teeth, a more even and proportionate gumline, reduction of gaps between teeth, and repair of dental damage.
Your Source for Reliable Cosmetic Dental Care

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At Brickyard Dental Group, we are passionate about the work that we do. We love seeing the way that our cosmetic dentistry solutions can bring joy to our patients, no matter what their goals for treatment may be. What’s more, we make receiving services simple and affordable with our convenient membership plans. We can also work with most insurance companies for your care, but we make it easy to get the care you need even without insurance.  If you’re ready to bring the smile of your dreams to life, it’s time to get in touch with the team of cosmetic dentistry experts at Brickyard Dental Group. Contact us today for more information and to schedule your first appointment. We proudly serve patients in the Columbia, SC, area.

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"I went here after moving and not going to the dentist for several years. They were able to get my teeth back happy and clean! Not to mention, their new office is so nice with new technology and comfy chairs. I will keep going back because of how nice they are and how much they care about their patients!"

Caroline H.

Tampa, FL

"I'm a first-time patient, unfortunately, I was late and brought the wrong insurance information.  Princess, the receptionist was excellent! She was able to multitask between me, the staff and other clients walking in with a warm and welcoming smile and greeting. Very professional. It's hard to find good customer service anywhere but Brickyard nailed it perfectly with Princess!"

Rachel T.

Tampa, FL

"Doctor Barno and his staff are awesome. When you walk in the door you feel like you're a friend or family, And the work he does is great quality. Looking for a new dentist give Brickyard Dental Group a call."

Daniel L.

Tampa, FL

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We make our friends, families, and neighbors smile every day. View some of our happy patients’ results and get inspired for what we can do for your smile.

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