Dental Inlays & Onlays Available to Patients in Columbia, SC

Are you experiencing tooth damage or decay? If the damage cannot be repaired with a filling but is not so substantial that a dental crown is required, you may be a candidate for a dental inlay or onlay. At Brickyard Dental Group, we’re dedicated to providing you with the premium care you need while ensuring your complete comfort. Whether you’re visiting our Columbia, South Carolina, for dental inlay or onlay application, or another form of treatment, you can rest assured you’ll enjoy a stress-free experience and receive the best results possible.

What are Dental Inlays & Onlays?

Similar to a filling, an inlay is designed to fit within a tooth. An onlay, on the other hand, can be used to cover the chewing surface of a back tooth or to replace the cusps of a tooth. Inlays and onlays, also known as partial crowns, were first made from gold. But today, dental onlays and inlays are created using ceramic or porcelain which allows for a stronger bond and a more precise color match with the existing tooth. It also improves the strength of the tooth and helps the seal to the tooth. Inlays and onlays are fabricated in a lab and then bonded to the tooth restoring its function and appearance.

What to Expect When Receiving a Dental Inlay or Onlay

At Brickyard Dental Group, our approach to restoring smiles and oral health with inlays and onlays involves several precise steps, including:

  • Assessment and preparation – Your dentist will thoroughly assess the damaged tooth and prepare it for the inlay or onlay procedure.
  • Impression taking – An impression of the prepared tooth is carefully taken to create a custom-fit dental inlay or onlay that precisely matches the tooth's structure.
  • Temporary restoration – While the permanent restoration is being crafted, a temporary filling is placed to protect the tooth.
  • Custom fabrication – Using the impression, a custom inlay or onlay is meticulously crafted in a laboratory to match the tooth's shape and function.
  • Permanent placement – Once the custom restoration is ready, it is securely bonded onto the prepared tooth, ensuring a durable and seamless fit.

After getting a dental inlay or onlay, you might feel some brief sensitivity, but once that subsides, you’ll have a stronger, better functioning tooth and a nicer-looking smile.

Learn More About Dental Inlays & Onlays

If you are experiencing pain resulting from tooth damage or decay, Brickyard Dental Group can provide you with the relief you deserve. Schedule an appointment at our Columbia, SC, office, where our dentist will help you determine if a dental inlay or onlay is the best treatment option for you.

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"I went here after moving and not going to the dentist for several years. They were able to get my teeth back happy and clean! Not to mention, their new office is so nice with new technology and comfy chairs. I will keep going back because of how nice they are and how much they care about their patients!"

Caroline H.

Tampa, FL

"I'm a first-time patient, unfortunately, I was late and brought the wrong insurance information.  Princess, the receptionist was excellent! She was able to multitask between me, the staff and other clients walking in with a warm and welcoming smile and greeting. Very professional. It's hard to find good customer service anywhere but Brickyard nailed it perfectly with Princess!"

Rachel T.

Tampa, FL

"Doctor Barno and his staff are awesome. When you walk in the door you feel like you're a friend or family, And the work he does is great quality. Looking for a new dentist give Brickyard Dental Group a call."

Daniel L.

Tampa, FL

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