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Missing teeth can negatively impact your appearance and, in turn, your confidence, but they can also be bad for your overall health. However, you don’t need to deal with the effects or allow them to continue affecting your quality of life. That’s because there’s a reliable solution that can replace any missing teeth and restore your smile back to its best form, both aesthetically and functionally: dental implants.

At Brickyard Dental Group, we are proud to offer dental implants as part of our restorative dentistry services. The team of expert doctors and dental professionals at our office in Columbia, South Carolina, are here to help you improve your health, well-being, and confidence with high-quality solutions tailored to your exact needs.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Regardless of whether teeth have been lost due to tooth decay, periodontal disease, or injury, seeking the right treatment is essential. When you are missing one or more teeth, your jawbone can deteriorate—along with your self-esteem. Your diet may be affected, and your general health can worsen over time because of these other effects. Dental implants solve these problems because they look and function just like regular teeth, making them one of the best replacement techniques in restorative dentistry.

What To Know About Dental Implants

Before modern innovations in restorative dentistry, the only options for missing teeth were dental bridges or dentures. Now, dental implants can be used as a better treatment for many patients. This is because they:

  • Replace the tooth roots and offer a foundation for new replacement teeth
  • Are manufactured to match your existing teeth, giving you a flawless smile
  • Have a high success rate of around 98%, and most implants will last a lifetime
  • Are more cost-effective than other options due to their longevity

Once a tooth is lost, a titanium implant can be placed into the bone where the tooth used to be. Once this implant heals and integrates into the bone, a natural-looking tooth crown can be attached to that implant. This process is done without having to drill any adjacent teeth. Most people have very little discomfort with implants, and the procedure only requires local anesthesia.

If dental implants sound like an effective option for you, your dentist will discuss all the details of the treatment before beginning the implant process.

Learn More About Dental Implants

Ready to transform your smile and oral health with dental implants? If so, it’s time to get in touch with the team of dental experts at Brickyard Dental Group. Contact us today to discuss if this treatment option is a good fit for you and schedule your appointment.

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"I went here after moving and not going to the dentist for several years. They were able to get my teeth back happy and clean! Not to mention, their new office is so nice with new technology and comfy chairs. I will keep going back because of how nice they are and how much they care about their patients!"

Caroline H.

Tampa, FL

"I'm a first-time patient, unfortunately, I was late and brought the wrong insurance information.  Princess, the receptionist was excellent! She was able to multitask between me, the staff and other clients walking in with a warm and welcoming smile and greeting. Very professional. It's hard to find good customer service anywhere but Brickyard nailed it perfectly with Princess!"

Rachel T.

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"Doctor Barno and his staff are awesome. When you walk in the door you feel like you're a friend or family, And the work he does is great quality. Looking for a new dentist give Brickyard Dental Group a call."

Daniel L.

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