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Providing Expert Emergency Dental Care for Patients in Columbia, SC

The Dental Practice To Trust When Emergencies Strike

There’s never a convenient time for a dental emergency to take place. While these emergencies are an unfortunate part of life, they shouldn’t leave you dealing with pain and other problems for longer than necessary. Instead of turning to the emergency room—which may not be equipped to effectively handle a dental emergency anyway—for treatment, turn to the compassionate and highly qualified dental professionals at Brickyard Dental Group. Our facility in Columbia, South Carolina, delivers world-class care and prompt dental emergency services to get you the relief you need as quickly as possible.

When To Seek Emergency Dental Care:

There are a variety of reasons why you would need to seek emergency dental care, and Brickyard Dental Group is equipped to handle most of them. We offer treatment for potential dental emergencies like:

Broken, Fractured, or Lost Teeth

Our chances of saving the tooth are best if you retrieve the tooth and quickly rinse it with cool water, avoiding the root area. Try to place the tooth back in the socket, but don’t force it. If the tooth can’t be placed back in its socket, keep it in a glass of cold water. Call our office immediately.

A Lost Filling or Crown

Fillings or crowns are used to repair cavities or restore cracked and broken teeth, but they can fall out or break. In general, losing your crown is not a dental emergency. The only time you’d need to call our emergency dentist for a broken crown is if the edges of your tooth are sharp, otherwise you can make a regular appointment to have it fixed as soon as possible.

Dental Accidents & Trauma

If a tooth is damaged or lost due to trauma, such as a car accident or sports injury, call Brickyard Dental for emergency care as soon as possible. When you come to the office, bring the broken or lost tooth with you. We will take immediate steps to save the tooth and repair the injury.

A Dental Abscess

Unexpected swelling can indicate infection, and infections need emergency treatment. Infected teeth or dental abscesses can not only result in unbearable pain, but they can threaten the health of your entire body if left alone.

An Infected Tooth

If a tooth is severely decayed, infected, and causing pain, its nerve and pulp may need to be removed in order to repair and save the tooth. This is called root canal therapy, and we can use it to treat patients who come in for dental emergencies.

Damaged Teeth in Need of Removal

Dentists typically recommend an extraction if a cavity has severely damaged a tooth. In this case, the dentist will remove the decayed portion of the tooth and then replace it with an implant or a bridge to help support the remaining teeth. Dentists may also use tooth extractions to treat patients with gum disease or other oral health issues.
The Practice That Makes Prompt, Effective Emergency Services Simple

Get the Emergency Dental Care You Need When You Need It

When you turn to Brickyard Dental Group for emergency dental care, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. Our professionals can conduct a comprehensive dental exam and deliver efficient treatments to alleviate pain and discomfort. Whether your dental emergency was caused by playing sports or by an accident during your daily activities, our staff has you covered. We make getting an emergency appointment easy, and we provide all the information you need to know up front. Here’s what to expect when you schedule an appointment for emergency dental care:

  • Emergency appointments are welcomed, and sometimes same-day appointments are available
  • A $25 fee is required to reserve your appointment
  • If you elect to have treatment, the fee will be applied to the total treatment cost

If this office is closed and you can’t wait, call 911. In most cases, we will see you for emergency care within one business day once you schedule an appointment. On the weekends, we always have a doctor on call for our existing patients. However, we do not see new patients after hours or on weekends.

To ensure that you have access to the high-quality treatment you need if a dental emergency happens, get started by contacting Brickyard Dental Group today.

Dealing With a Dental Emergency? Don’t Wait.

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Caroline H.

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"I'm a first-time patient, unfortunately, I was late and brought the wrong insurance information.  Princess, the receptionist was excellent! She was able to multitask between me, the staff and other clients walking in with a warm and welcoming smile and greeting. Very professional. It's hard to find good customer service anywhere but Brickyard nailed it perfectly with Princess!"

Rachel T.

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